Sunday Hex Puzzle (#2) – 7/28/13

It seemed a lot of people enjoyed my first Hex puzzle, so I’ve decided to begin a weekly series. From now till the heat death of the universe*, I shall endeavor to post a Hex Puzzle on Sunday for all to enjoy. Mundane folks do their crosswords, while you shall test your mettle upon Hex.

I’m going to consider my first puzzle a pilot episode, as it had quite a messy launch. These puzzles are convoluted to create, and I learned quickly that several pairs of eyes are required to catch unintentional victories. To such efforts, my own pledged guild, Steadfast, is currently patient enough to buzz over the initial drafts of each puzzle. Thanks!

Now, without further ado! Your Puzzle!

Its the beginning of your turn- you have already drawn your card, and it was The Kraken.  Now you must decide what the Dopplegadget will copy!

Some might complain this is out of order- but in the interest of puzzling, let’s just ignore that.

This Puzzle assumes that costs can be reduced to 0 unless a card specifically says otherwise.


From now on, my official solution will be posted with the following week’s puzzle. That’s what the New York Times does, and though they don’t have much of a readership, I think it’s a good idea.  I’m not sure yet how I will deal with comments that describe answers.  Anyone have any opinion on that? Keep them in stasis or just approve everything?

*the Hex Universe

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Hex Puzzle (#2) – 7/28/13

  1. Dopplegadget Worker Bot (3 on table)

    Use Charge ability to create Worker Bot (4 on table)

    Play Journeyman Technician (Resource pool is now at 6)

    Play Sapper’s Charge (Resource pool remains 6; 3 on table)

    Play Malfunctioning Warbot (Resource pool remains 6)

    Play Volcannon (Resource pool becomes 2)

    Exhaust Hex Engine (Resource pool becomes 4)

    Use Research Librarian (Just because I can for free)

    Sacrifice Sapper’s on Corpse Fly (one left on table, Resource pool becomes 2)

    Sacrifice Sapper’s on Champion (13 HP, Resource pool becomes 0)

    Exhaust Volcannon/War Bot for damage on Champ (10HP)

    Exhaust two Worker Bots (Two Worker Bots untapped, Volcannon refreshed)

    Exhaust Volcannon/Worker Bot for damage on Champ (One Worker Bot untapped, 7HP)

    Exhaust one Worker Bot and Research Librarian (Volcannon refreshed)

    Exhaust Volcannon/Journeyman Technician (4HP)

    Attack with Thunderbird (Rage, 0HP)


  2. Assuming the puzzle includes the start of the turn and Doppelganger hasn’t already popped:

    0) Doppelganger makes a copy of a warbot. I now have a combination of 4 artifact troops/Dwarves in play for volcannon

    1) Attack with thunderbird for 4, bringing opponent down to 11.

    2) Play champ ability, now have 5 volcannon fodder

    3) Play technician for 1, and warbot for free. 6 resources remaining, and 7 volcannon fodder.

    4) Play volcannon for 4, 2 resources remaining.

    (4b – draw a card for free off of the librarian, which kind of breaks the puzzle but whatever)

    5) Activate volcannon 3 times for 9 damage. (exhaust 1 troop, 2 to untap, exhause 1 to use, 2 to untap, 1 more to use – 7 total troops needed)

    6) Use 2 remaining resources to pop sapper charge for last 2 damage.

  3. Can keep it in stasis np

    copy worker bot 4 dwarfs/artifact troops
    create worker bot 5 dwarfs/art
    use hex engine 9 mana left
    play journeyman 8 mana left 6 dwarf/art
    play sappers charge
    play malfunctioning warbot 7 dwarfs/art
    play volcannon 4 mana left
    blow sappers charge on corpse fly 2 mana left
    blow sappers charge on hero 0 mana left 13 health enemy
    shoot volcannon 6 dwarfs/art 10 health enemy
    ready volcannon 4 dwarfs/art
    shoot volcannon 3 dwarfs/art 7 health enemy
    ready volcannon 1 dwarf/art
    shoot volcannon 4 health enemy
    Attack with thunderbird rage brings him to 4 to kill enemy

    Ireally like these puzzles that your doing and i think you should keep comments hidden until the next week when you share the solution anyways.

  4. hmm, I think I have the answer–do I post here?


    Dopplegadget copies: Worker Bot.

    [from hand]
    Play 1: Journeyman Technician (1)
    2: Sapper’s Charge (free)
    3: Malfunctioning War Bot (free)
    4: Volcannon (4)
    (2 resources remain)

    Activate Charge power to produce Worker Bot

    Tap Researcher Adept to fire Volcannon: Enemy at 12 health
    Tap 2 Worker Bots to Ready Volcannon
    Tap Journeyman Technician to fire Volcannon: Enemy at 9 health
    Tap 2 Worker Bots to Ready Volcannon
    Tap Malfunctioning War Bot to fire Volcannon: Enemy at 6 health

    Tap Hex Engine for +2 resources (total 4)

    Spend 2 to activate Sapper’s Charge, target=Corpse Fly
    Spend 2 to activate Sapper’s Charge, target=enemy champion: Enemy at 4 health

    Attack with Thunderbird: Rage 1 increases attack to 4: Enemy at 0 health


  5. - use the charge, create a worker bot
    - copy any artifact with the dopplegadget… lets say worker bot
    - journeyman technician (1)
    - volcannon (4)
    - sapper charge (free)
    - malfunctioning war bot (free)
    - generate 2 resource with engine
    - sacrifice a sapper (2 damage to the enemy fly)
    - sacrifice a sapper (2 damage)
    - use volcannon (3 damage, exhaust malfunctioning war bot)
    - make ready volcannon (exhaust 2* worker bot)
    - use volcannon (3 damage, exhaust worker bot)
    - make ready volcannon (exhaust journeyman technician, dopplegadget)
    - use volcannon (3 damage, exhaust worker bot)
    - attack with thunderbird (i suppose it will be 4 damage)

  6. I think this solution works even if you assume costs can’t be reduced to 0.
    Copy Hex Engine with DoppleGadget
    Play: Journeyman Tech, Volcannon, Sapper’s Charge, for 7 total mana
    Use charge power for 3rd Worker Bot
    Use 3 Worket Bots + Volcannon for 3 damage plus an untap.
    Volcannon + Journeyman Tech for 3 (6 total), untap with Sapper’s Charges
    Volcannon + Researcher’s Adept for 3 (9)
    Use Hex Engine to use 1 Sappers Charge for 2 damage to Corpse Fly
    Attack for 4 (13) with Thunderbird
    Use Dopplegadet Hex Engine to use other Sapper’s Charge, 2 (15) damage to opponent.

    As for comments, you should approve stuff that is wrong and tell people they are wrong, or just wait on all the comments.

  7. -Dopple copies a Hex Engine
    -Play Technician for 1 (6 remaining Resource)
    -Play Warbot / Sapper Charge for free.
    -Use Champ Charge Power for a Worker Bot
    –This puts you at 3x workers, 2 x dwarves, 2x Sapper chargers, 1x Malf Bot = 8 Exhaustables to the cannon.
    -Play Volcannon (1 resource)
    — Shoot 3 times using whatever combination of 3 to exhaust 3x (and unexhaust twice, 7 dwarf/artifcats needed, but do not exhaust the engines) for 9 damage. Total HP = 6.
    -Exhaust both Engines (5 Resources)
    -Pay two and sac a sapper charge, blow up corpse fly.
    -Pay two and sac a sapper charge, deal 2 to champ (4 hp left).
    -Swing with thunderbird, Rage 1 makes him hit for 4hp.


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